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Here Is The Second Episode English Transcription On "market Situations".

Akashwani 101: “Transparent And Clear Plot Transactions” - Episode 2

Anchor: Greeting To All Our Listeners. I Chitra Khare Welcome You All Once Again For Our Brand New Episode Of “Transparent And Clear Plot Transactions”, Presented By Excellence Shelters Pvt. Ltd.

In The 1st Episode We Discussed About The Transparency And The Awareness That We Need To Keep In Mind While Deal In Land Transaction, Whether It Is Purchasing Or Selling Of Land Or Any Other Legalities That Need To Be Taken Care Of.

In The Following Episodes We Will Be Discussing Topics Such As Market Situations And Much More And To Take Us Through This Program, Once Again We Have With Us Mrs. Reshma Hajite, Director Sales And Marketing, Excellence Shelters Pvt. Ltd.

Anchor: Hello Reshma Madam,

Reshma: Hello Chitra

Anchor: In Our Last Episode You Very Wonderfully Explained Us About How We Need To More Aware While Buy Or Selling Our Land, How Maintain The Balance Between The Emotional Quotient And The Practical Implementation Through The Transactions And Also The Current Status Of The Market.

In Today’s Episode What We Would Like To Know, Why Is Generally Plot Investments Are Considered As Mid-term Or Long Term Investments?

Reshma: Short Term Investments Are 2 To 3 Months Investment; However, While Investing In Land We Invest In Areas With Expected Developments Such As MIDC Expansions, Highways Or Any Government Proposed Plan In The Near Future And These Plans Do Take A Period Of At Least 2 To 3 Years To Be Executed. In Plot Investments It Is Necessary We Have Given A Horizon Of 2 To 3 Years For The Execution Of These Plans.

Real Estate Is A Very Steady Growth Investment Unlike Stock Market Or Any Other Forms Of Investment Where It Projects The Immediate Tomorrow As Well.

Long Term Investors In Land Investment Are The Most Beneficial, For Eg. If We Consider The People Who Had Invested In Areas Like Kharadi And Kondwa In Pune Around 10 Years Back Have Received Humungous Returns In Compared To Those Who Have Liquidated Their  investments Immediately.

Land Rates Are Completely Dependent On The Development In Their Vicinity, Hence While Buying Land It Is Always Better To Keep In Mind The Proposed Development Of The Area Such As Airports, Schools, Hospitals, Etc. If We Take In Consideration Airport, It Is Such A Project That Will Take At Least 6 Years For Completion As It Is An Equally Big Project. Areas Around It Will Gain More Appreciation In 6 To 7 Years As Compared To 3 Years.

Anchor: This Show Has Been Very Enlightening So Far And Will Continue To Do So. I Am Sure You All Will Be Having A Lot Of Queries And To Resolve Them We Call Us, Message Us Or WhatsApp us On 8308816587.

Anchor: Reshma Madam What We Would Like To Next Is What All Precautions Should We Take While Purchasing The Land If I M The Purchaser?

Reshma: The First And The Most Important Thing That We Need To Check Is The Authenticity Of The Owner As At Times The Land Is On Someone Else’s Name, The Money Is Given To Somebody Else And The Owner Is Different. To Check This Legally Our Lawyer Can Apply For A Search Report Title Through Which We Understand The Transfers That The Land Has Gone Though Till Date And Who Is The Last Owner Of The Given Piece Of Land.

Secondly We Need To Check Is The 7/12 Of The Land On Which The Zone Of The Land Is Stated. This Is Very Important Because If You Want To Cultivate The Land Needs To Be Agricultural Land And If You Want To Build On That Land The Land Needs To Be Residential NA Land That Means Non Agricultural Approved. All These Things Are Mentioned On The 7/12 Of The Land And Need To Be Checked Before Buying The Land And These Things Depend On The Objective Of The Purchase.

Generally The Zoning Of The Land Is Done By The Government And We Can Only Do Restricted Activities In These Zones. On An Agricultural Land You Can Only Do Cultivation, So If You Want To Build On That Land You Need To Get It Approved By The Government Beforehand. Likewise You Can Only Build On Land If It Is Residential Zone Approved.

So The Things We Need To Keep In Mind The Objective Of Our Purchase And The Zone Of The Land While Buying It.

Anchor: Today’s Episode Has Been Very Enlightening About The Minute Details That We Need To Take Care Of While Buying The Land. I Am Sure You All Will Be Having A Lot Of Queries And To Resolve Them We Call Us, Message Us Or WhatsApp us On 8308816587.

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