The Core Purpose of the Excellence Group of Companies is ‘To Create Significant difference in Human Life by fulfilling Dreams through Excellence’.

Our Core Purpose has the key words Human Life in which we try to create significant difference through Excellence. At Excellence we don’t call our team member resource but ‘Capital’ of the Company.

The word ‘Resource’ denotes consumption and eventual depletion, however the word ‘Capital’ invokes a desire to appreciate and grow. Significant difference in human life must revolve around the positivity of appreciation, development and growth.

At Excellence we want our employees to grow, develop them and strengthen them through empowered leadership to become individuals par excellence contributing significantly to our customers, to each other, to our families and our society at large.

Human Capital Services team of the Company strategically focuses on this objective. Given below are the some of the measures taken by the Human Capital Services Team to ensure that our capital is always nurtured, looked after and grows.

  1. World Class Training Room.
  2. Over 60 programmes to choose from based on the KASH model of Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habit.
  3. Robust Empowered Leadership Model of CLMN (Caring, Loving, Mentoring and Nurturing).
  4. Access to Library facilities with over 500 books on all cadres of Personal and Business Development.
  5. We have exclusive partnership with Training Companies such as Dale Carnegie, Franklin Covey and the Indian Institute of Training and Development.
  6. Employees with exemplary contribution are allowed to become member of the Core Team of the Company. This is an elite club of employees who have a significant say in the functioning of the Company.
  7. Leadership Development is the core focus of Organization Development at Excellence. Our Leadership Development Programmes are one of the best wherein leadership talents are noted and mentored to progressively occupy positions of Leadership and Development in the coming years.
  8. Appraisals are held annually but monitored monthly so as to ensure that each team member is able to improve their performance and gain the maximum leverage from a robust business that is at the forefront in ensuring that employees are always given the maximum leverage in terms of monetary appreciations year on year. Every employee has an individual Performance Report that is monitored on the basis of not only performance but a 360 degree all round development of the employee mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and skillfully.
  9. Our incentive schemes are second to none and both, sales and non-sales employees can earn money by selling products of the Company. 10.Other Learning and Development initiatives of Excellence include.

    a. Excellence Gurukul Trainers – Team of employees who have developed themselves to don the role of training and development and have a natural flair for training.

    b. E-Gurukul – The online training platform of Excellence is the best way to develop and learn despite your busy schedules at Excellence.

  10. EFFA – Excellence Family Achiever’s Award Night is an exclusive and grand event held in April every year, wherein employees and their teams are honoured for their all round contributions for the Company. The highlight of this event is that it is open to family and friends of employees.
  11. Employee satisfaction survey are conducted by reputed external agencies thereby creating a transparent environment to ensure that feedback provided by employees are taken seriously and worked upon diligently.

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