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Here Is The Fourth Episode English Transcription On “What Are The Illegal Practices You Should Be Aware Of While Buying Land?”

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Anchor: Greetings To All Our Listeners. I Chitra Khare Welcome You All Once Again For Our Brand New Episode Of “Transparent And Clear Plot Transactions”, Presented By Excellence Shelters Pvt. Ltd.

In This Program We Are Discussing All Types Of Plot Dealing Be It Buying Or Selling The Plot Or Even Buying A Plot For Residential Purpose And The Legal Care And Other Care That We Need To Take While Doing These Dealings. To Discuss And Guide Us About These Dealings We Have With Us One Of The Directors Of Excellence Shelters Mrs. Reshma Hajite.

Anchor: Greetings Madam

Reshma: Greetings Chitra

Anchor: Today’s Call Is From Pune And Due To Some Reasons He Has Asked Us Not To Disclose His Name So We Will Call Him Mr. Rajesh. He Had Bought A Piece Of Land In Wagholi 4 Years Back Which Was Said To Be Proposed NA However He Is Not Been Able To Trace The Ownership Of His Plot Nor Is He Able Make 7/12 Document . He Would Like To Know What Need To Be Done Further.

Reshma: Whenever We Buy Land The Most Important Thing We Need To Keep In Mind Is The Type Of Land That We Are Buying. Now A Day A Lot Of Plot Sales Take Place With The Help Of Proposed NA Or Proposed R Zone. Proposed NA Means That It Is Still Not NA (Non Agriculture) But There Is A Possibility Of The Conversion By The Government. A Lot Of Times The Conversion Of The Land Depends On The Parameters Drawn By The Government. Hence Whenever We Buy A Proposed Land It Is A Risk As We Are Not Sure Whether It Will Get Converted Or Not. So There Is A Chance Of Loss Of Investment If The And Does Not Get Converted. It Is Actually Illegal To Sell Such Plots In The Market. The Demarcation And Layout Of These Plots Are Not Approved By Any Government With A Thought Process That Once The NA Is Done The Plots Will Be Allotted. In Such Case Agreement To Sale Is Made So That Once The NA Is Done The Client Will Be Handed Over The Ownership Of His Plot. At Times When People Buy Such Plots There No Legal Documentation Done, The Only Document Made Is Agreement To Sale And Throughout That Period There Is No Title On Your Name, Which Means You Are Still Not The Owner Of That Place.

Anchor: What I Would Like To Know Is That We Generally Do Land Investment As Future Investment Or The Investment That Can Be Useful In The Future And What All Precautions Do We Need To Take For It?

Reshma: The Precautions That We Need To Take Care That If You Are Looking For Investments You Can Invest In Agricultural Plots Which Needs To Be Minimum 1 Acre If You Have 7/12 On Your Name You Can Buy It Legally And If Not So I Would Suggest You Invest In NA Plots And While Doing So You Should Ask The Developer For The NA Order That Is An Government Order That Officially Declares That Land Non Agriculture Approved. If They Have This Order Then That Project Is NA If Not Then It Is A Proposed NA Project. If It A Proposed NA All The Further Dealings That You Do Are Illegal For Which The Government Is Not Responsible. There Is Always A Possibility That On That Proposed Land The Government Decided To Build A Bus Depot And The Valuation Of That Land Reduces Automatically. And You Cannot Claim Anything As You Do Not Have The Legal Ownership Of That Land.

Anchor: Right. Now That Is What Mr. Rajesh Would Like To Know What He Should Do Further Now That He Is Stuck With This Problem?

Reshma: Actually He Should Have Been More Careful While Buying That Land But However If There Are A Number Of People In The Same Project And Are Facing The Same Problem They Can Form A Society With Each Other’s Consent. If There Is A Possibility Of NA In That Area They Can Get In Touch With A Liaisoning Company Or Agency And The Project NA Approved And Then Have The Individual 7/12 On Their Names. But If It Is Not Possible Then There Is Not Much That Can Be Done.

Anchor: That Means While Doing Any Investment In The Market A Thorough Survey Needs To Be Done.

Reshma: Absolutely Otherwise What Happens Is People Are Not Aware Of These Small Small Details And They Trust The Person Who Is Selling Them The Plot That They Have The NA Order But It Is Necessary To Ask Them To Produce It And Check That It Belongs To The Project That We Are Buying.

These Are My Thoughts And Advices From My Experiences But You Can Still Ask Your Consultants Also While Checking A Specific Project.

Anchor: Thank You Reshma Madam For Your Valuable Advice And For Any Further Details And Queries Do Call, Message Or What’s App Us On 8308816587.

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