आकाशवाणी १०१: "प्लॉटचे पारदर्शी व्यवहार" - भाग १

"प्लॉटचे पारदर्शी व्यवहार" बद्दल माहिती देताना Mrs. Reshma Hajite (Director - Sales & Marketing Excellence Shelters Pvt. Ltd.)

Anchor: Greeting Of The Day To All Our Listeners. I Chitra Khare Welcomes You To Our Brand New Show- “Transparent And Clear Plot Transactions”, Presented By Excellence Shelters Pvt. Ltd.

We Bring To The First Episode Of This One Of Its Kinds Program Which Will Guide Us To Deal With Plot Transactions. Whether Be It Selling Or Purchasing Of Plots Or Investing In Plots.

And To Guide Us Through This Topic We Have With Us “Director - Sales & Marketing” Excellence Shelters Pvt. Ltd. Mrs. Reshma Hajite Who Come With An Extensive Experience Of 10 Glorious Years In The Field Of Plots And Land.

Anchor: “Hello Resham Madam”

Reshma Ma’am: “Hello”

Anchor: As I Was Saying In The Show Transparent And Clear Plot Transactions We Will Be Guiding Our Listeners About Plot Transactions And How To Make These Transactions Transparent And Clear. Another Thing That I Am Eager To Know Is What Made You Do Such A Show On Radio?

Reshma Ma’am: If We See Everyone Is Always Looking For Different Opportunities For Investments Be It Mutual Fund, Property Or Investments, However If We Compare The Returns Ratio, The Maximum Return Is Derived From Land. But People Are Bit Hesitant About It. They Are Also A Slightly Confused In Which Field To Invest. When It Comes To Investing In Land People Are Hesitant Due Various Reasons Such As Lack Of Knowledge Or Lack Of Proper Guide Lines And Also The Fear Of Being Cheated. Land Investment Can Prove To Be Boon If We Take Care Of Few Things Such As Understanding The Basic Legalities Of These Transactions, Try And Understand Where People Can Cheat Us And Be More Cautious About It. It Is Also Advice Able That You Should Have Some Land Investment In Your Investment Portfolio. These Entire Things Put Together Will Always Help In Building The Confidence In You To Invest In Land.

Anchor: Actually These Are Very Complicated Transactions And You Being From This Field For So Many Years You Must Be Coming Across Many People Who Have Different Questions Regarding These Investments?

Reshma Ma’am: Yes People Do Have A Lot Of Questions. The First Is Always Whether I Should Buy Or Not As Every Person Has A Success Story Or A Failure Story Attached Such As One Of My Relative Had Invested But It Didn’t Work Out Or Then It That I Had Invested Earlier And Had Got Returns And Will I Get The Same Benefit Again., Which Location Shall I Go For. Hence Both The Types Of People Who Are Scared To Invest In Land And The Other Who Are Confused With Regards To Location And Returns Generally Come For Suggestions.

Anchor: If You Have Any Queries Regarding Plots You Can Call Us At 8308816587.

Anchor: At Time Many Invest With Preconceived Notions From The Land Transactions Of Others Gains Or Losses, Do You Feel It Is Correct To Get Emotional Or Carry Preconceived When It Comes To Such Transactions?

Reshma Ma’am: Generally All Investments Do Carry An Emotional Quotient While Buying. But If You Know That Your Investment Is Legally Correct, As In Land Investment One Of The Most Important Aspect To Keep In Mind Is The Clear And Transparent Legalities Even If You Are Buying It From Your Friends Or Family. Now- A- Days Most Of The Information Is Also Available Online And Hence There A Good Amount Of Transparency To This Field As Well. There Are Also Real Estate Regulatory Acts Coming From The Government Where Even The Government Is Trying To Maintain Transparency And Because Of That Everyone Dealing In Real Estate Is Compelled To Maintain Transparency, Even Developers. There Is Lot Awareness As A Lot Of Information Is Readily Available Online. Hence Emotional Aspect Should Be The Last On List. So While Investing In Land The Main Thing That Matters Is The Legalities And Secondly From Whom Are We Buying As These As The Payments Are High.

Anchor: If You Have Any Queries Regarding Plots You Can Call Us At 8308816587.

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